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Welcome to 'fate alchemy'

A dark comedy that unfolds with a whirlwind of vulgarity and ill-fated circumstance. A deal to chase the American dream diminishes as our three protagonists try to work their way out of an unfortunate event that spawns many to come. 'Fate Alchemy' has garnered over 30 awards and selections throughout the festival circuit. The 40 minute film will be available on Amazon Prime Video for purchase November the 9th. This film was an honor to lead a team who believed in the product and the creative process. Rome Prisma Awards - "Yes, because Blankenship also plays with formats and visual aesthetichs to reach new levels of thrilling storytelling and the result is a little masterpiece of short comedy. Watching this kind of movies make everyone excited about any next project of this director."


FILM 2020

2020 has been one for the books to say the least... I'll have more work to show as the world gets back to normal

Ace Blankenship: Writer, Director, Producer and Editor

'Fate Alchemy' Trailer

Ace Blankenship

Unfinished product due to Covid shutdown. Will finish promotional video once event is the future.



Graphic Design

Graphic design



Blue dream

'Blue Dream' is a 20 minute short film that's now been rescheduled to shoot late September. The concept is to make an art film about the symptoms of PTSD and the effects in relation family, coping and mental anguish. I'm excited to tackle this obstacle as a filmmaker and artist.


Acre Valley

'Acre Valley' is a novel that I started years ago and is currently going through the final stages of completion. The book focuses on a teenager trying to find meaning in a post-modern world. His struggles soon find him in a revolution to get back what's rightfully his, purpose. The book was inspired from concepts like 'The Warriors', 'Mad Max' and 'To Kill a Mockingbird'.


counseling services

Excited to film with a local nonprofit in an effort to help opioid addiction with in our community. This grant based project will showcase many aspects of Lancaster and the people combatting the issue.


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